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back in 1966. he also admitted to raping four other women. now he's accused of murder again. this time the victim his 90-year-old mother. vallejo police say stanworth called them yesterday to confess. >> it takes a certain type to want to kill your mother and then also to dispose of her in a garbage can. that shows a certain level of anger that is hard for us to fathom. >> but what's even harder for neighbors to understand, why a man with such a violent history was allowed to go free. theo though sentences to death, the sentence was stricken because of a technicality despite stanworth's own pleas to be executed. in letters to the court at the time, stanworth then just 27 said, i wish to cause no more expense to the state. i understand that i and a loan must suffer for my acs. all i want is to die. >> after he was sentenced to death, they changed it to life. and then they let him out on
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parole. unbelievable. very unbelievable. >> philip bensing lived next door to stanworth's mother a woman he affectionately referred to as nellie bell. he says she loved to sit on porch and tend to her tomatoes. he claimed stanworth told him his mother died more than a month ago. >> i have no idea why anybody would want to do that to her, no idea, let alone her son. >> friends and neighbors say stanworth should never have been released. they wonder how many more killers and rapists are living nearby. we're told stanworth served just 13 years in prison. he declined to talk to us from jail today. he's expected to be arraigned in court in the next few days. reporting live in solano county, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. in the south bay now, who's in charge? as of next week, san jose will not have a police chief and as of right now, they have no
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finalists. the news came today from the city manager. the current chief is retiring and the assistant chief is already heading to another department. nbc bay area's david trujillo broke this news on twitter today and joins us this evening from city hall. >> raj, everyone here is trying to put a positive spin on today's development. but starting this search over puts another hole in a department that's already leaking fuel. the news came that san jose had narrowed a replacement for chief chris mohr to three finalists. those finalists met with more than two dozen community leaders on wednesday. >> the meeting we had yesterday was what we've done in the past for these kind of positions where we have invited representatives of the community to meet candidates and provide us with feedback. >> sources tell me that feedback was a thumbs down for every one of the finalists. and late last night, the city manager told the city council she was going to reopen her search for a new chief.
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meaning it's unlikely leaders will meet their goal of getting a new chief in place by the end of the month. >> we're starting again from square one. >> city manager has decided she wants to extend the search process for our next police chief. >> the meeting with community groups wednesday was private. the mayor was not happy the names of the finalists were leaked. >> is it unfortunate that the finalists are no longer finalists? >> it's unfortunate the names have come out. that's part of the problem of convincing people to go through a process if you can't guarantee confidentiality. >> the new search means in a matter of days, the force would be without a leader at a time of ridesing crime and india ling morale. >> city manager will be making some decisions about the interim management of the department. she feels that we are actually in a pretty good spot with a good command staff that have the capabilities to make sure we've got a smooth running department during this time. >> the mayor tells me there are good candidates who didn't make it to finalists.
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candidates who will be told their names are back in the hat. >> the manager's charged with doing that search and if she needs a little more time to do it, then she'll take a little more time. >> a search that lasted longer than the city wanted. i texted chief moore to see if he might be able to stay longer to fill the void now that the search is starting over. he told me it is not likely. he hadn't spoken to the city manager about that. however, i did see chief moore walking out of city hall earlier today. st. louis i'm damian trujillo, bay area news. >> thanks for the update. dangerously cold. a live look over san jose where a winter blast is sinking the mercury toward freeding. it's not just the south bay. a live look at a key california artery shut down at this hour. look at the backup. this is i-5. it's closed in the grapevine area because of snow. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here to tell us where there were freeze warnings and frost
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advisories. >> we warned you yesterday about this cold and this is kind of the first phase. it's going to get worse as we head throughout the next 24 to 36 hours. some windchys. winds five to ten miles per hour helping it feel like 39 in napa, 44 in livermore and 42 in san jose. whereby the cold test" its be in the north bay, east bay and the south bay. we'll have prolonged temperatures below 30 degrees. likely col kill some sensitive plants and also some kropts as we'll see three to four days of these cold temperatures over night with the north bay being the chilliest with a range of anywhere from 25 to 29 degrees. then you look by the immediate bay and we have a frost advisory here. basically not as cold as the interior valleys but you may still have to deal with patchy frost and still remember the pets and also cover those plants. so what are some of the best ways to deal with had cold weather? remember the jacket and layers. it's like common sense but you go outside. you're out there for three to
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four hours. you forget to layer it up and you're too cold to be outside. and as we mentioned, take the pets in. they need help and make sure when you travel in the morning hours, you have clear visibility through your car windows and give that car plenty of time to warm up. i'm back with your full forecast in a few minutes. >> see you shortly. tonight, a 62-year-old woman is facing charges of stealing thousands of dollars from a bay area non-profit for the elderly and disabled. police say theo bell stole more than $400,000 from her employer. that employer is called housing for independent people. they say between 2004 and 2009, she faked hundreds of documents and created elaborate stories to convince the company to pay for extensive annan necessary plumbing repairs at one of their facilities. bell was arrested late last year at her home in hawaii. now this week she was arraigned in santa clara county support court on felony charges of grand theft and state tax violations. she could be sentenced to more
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than nine years in prison. >> today governor jerry brown released his newest budget proposal. if he seemed happier while doing it, it may be because it's the first budget surplus since the recession's proposal is based on a rebounding economy and a wave of new tax revenue. to protect the state from future slumps, his $97 billion budget plan calls for building an emergency fund. most new money is earmarked for schools meaning health care won't get more money or will be asked to make cuts. state republicans are demanding that any final budget include language preventing the uc and csu systems from raising tuition for at least seven years. >> so as we noted perhaps the bigger winner in all of this new budget may be the public schools. but there's a catch. not every school is getting an equal slice of the pie. the governor even pointed to bay area communities to illustrate why he's doing this. let's bring in nbc's arturo santiago who joins us in
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piedmont. one of the areas governor brown mentioned you're there. one of the areas governor brown mentioned by name today, correct? >> that's correct. when talking about new funding formula for k through 12 schools, the governor mentioned a number of high and low income areas. specifically richmond and piedmont were mentioned. we talked to administrators in both districts. >> at perry's elementary school in the west contra costa unified school district, 100% of the students are on the free or reduce lunch program, the kind of school governor brown is focusing on with his changes in proposed funding. >> growing up in compton or richmond is not like it is to grow up in los gatos or beverly hills or piedmont. we recognize that and an we put in an equitable formula without bureaucracy, without all the categorical maneuvers and complexity, we send the money based on a formula. >> the governor was to increase funding for k through 12 schools across the board and
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disproportionately hand out the money giving lower income districts more. and he wants to let them decide locally what to do with the extra money instead of letting the state decide. >> we're one of the lowest performing districts in the state, and so we're always working hard. we're rebuilding our schools, but we need more. >> administrators in the piedmont unified school district are also on board with the proposed funding formula. >> it isn't about winners and losers. what it is about fully funding education. we've had four or five years of basically grotesquely underfunded schools so every kid wins as a result of this. >> the back at the elementary school, the money can't come soon enough. >> it definitely is more of a challenge to bring them along without funding to support activities and programs that would help benefit english learners. without those programs, it is harder to bring them along. >> it is fair. it's right. and it's just.
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>> now, administrators aren't about to go all-in just yet. they know this is only the proposed budget and they're waiting to find out more when the revised comes out. i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. >> the budget has very good news for higher education. we'll break down the numbers straight ahead. >> also, destruction from san francisco to l.a. the new warning about an earthquake scenario that was once thought to be impossible. >> why a science teacher is being hailed a hero after a new school shooting in southern california. >> and what happened? the deadly accident that burned a bay area hillside and shut down a major traffic route at the peak of this morning's commute. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. the temperatures continue to drop into the 40s right now and one of the coldest nights in months coming our way. we'll talk about freeze warning and details how long it lasts coming up in a few minutes. [ crickets chirping ]
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right now investigators are trying to figure out what caused a big rig to fly off an east bay freeway and burst into flames at the height of the morning commute. the accident killed the driver, william ballard of roseville. monte francis has the latest from vallejo. >> highway 37 was shut down for about three hours as firefighters and hazmat crews dealt with the aftermath of this crash. in addition to bringing traffic to a halt, it also prompted some good samaritans to spring into action. the big rig burst into flames after plunging from an on-ramp at about 6:45 this morning. the highway patrol says the big rig and a pickup truck were involved and a collision sending the big rig over the guardrail. now, the truck plunged to the ground below alongside highway 29. two would is and off duty paramedic rushed to the big rig driver's aid. they were able to pull him from the burning big rig and one of
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the witnesses even had a fire extinguisher he used to put out some of the flames. the driver sadly later died from his injuries at kaiser hospital in vallejo. although the road was cleared by 9:45, the environmental clean-up took much of the day. >> the truck was an ace hardware truck carrying unknown types of hazmat, whether it be paint or chemicals. solano county hazmat team is on scene and handling spill and clean-up. >> highway 37 was shut down between interstate 80 and highway 121 for about three hours and reopened about the 9:45 a.m. the pickup driver was not seriously injured. officers questioned and released him at the scene. we're told it's not known what cause the crash or if alcohol was a factor. monte francis. >> let's get back to politics and money here. the massive new budget proposal coming from governor jerry brown today, says if the budget passes for california, it would leave the state with a surplus for the
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first time in years. is governor brown speaking the truth? let's bringing in bay area political analyst larry ger son. are we kidding here? we talked about all this budget shortfall for years and now we're talking the "s" word, surplus. >> truth or fiction. let's take a big step back for a moment. be patient. over the past several years, california has, you got it, every year deficits between 20 and $26 billion. now, the state will begin the 2013-'14 year with a deficit of $1.9 billion according to brown. that's a sliver of the $98 billion general fund document. so that means few cuts this time. with a rebounding economy, yeah, the possibility of modest surpluses over the next few years really exists. >> prop 30 got a lot of people to the plos. governor brown has promised help for public education. does the proposed budget show the governor living up to his pledge? >> for the most part, yes. but the biggest addition to the budget will come from that $6.2
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billion raised through passage of proposition 30 last november. you may remember the proposition stressed almost all of the funds would be directed toward public education. yeah, if you add the $2.7 billion for k through 14 plus the $1.8 billion to pay back borrowed education funds from the past plus $200 million for -- $250 million for uc and csu systems, well, these numbers add up to $4.75 billion or about 77% of the proposition 30 generated funds. still, you know, some people are going to say, wait a minute bhap about the rest? even though 3r07 set aside $500 million for prison realignment, the governor may need to do some explaining about those numbers. >> okay. in theory, he's a democrat. democrats now have that super majority, the two-thirds majority in both houses. he's got all his friends around him. slam-dunk to pass this budget? >> nothing in california, raj. the slam-dunk. especially when it comes to
6:17 pm
budgets. oddly enough, the governor may have more problems with fellow democrats than republicans. that's because the democrats want to rebuild decimated social services programs with the funds the governor says we just don't have. so for that reason, republicans may side with the governor in his effort to hold down spending. it's just another twist in the bizarre nature of california politics. stay tuned for the next chapter. >> is there ever a dull day in your job? >> never, that's why i love it. >> thank you. >> a sad follow-up now to yesterday's story of an unusual east bay pot bust. an alligator found guarding that marijuana stash has died. technically the animal is a dwarf cayman. sheriff's deputies found mr. teeth during a probation check at a castro valley home. he was in a tank next to 34 pounds of dried marijuana. the kayman was apparently very
6:18 pm
ill. zoou zu expe veterinarians say he died overnight. the owner is now facing animal cruelty charges in addition to various drug charges. >> many people call it california's best kept secret. but now word is getting out. we're talking about the pinnacles national monument. today, president obama signed a bill making pinnacles the newest national park. how about that? here's the map. just in case you don't know where it is, located just south of salinas, famous for caves and volcanic rock formations and thriving condor population. today it became the atth national park. with that said, you can expect a huge spike in attendance. each year about 200,000 people visit pinnacles compared with the nearly 4 million people hop converge on yosemite every year. get there early because traffic will build up now that the word is out. >> it is a beautiful area. let's check on the bay area where it's going to be cold. >> yeah, that's right. the mercury already dropping.
6:19 pm
a lot of the rainfall moving out. throughout the grapevine, the southern end of the san joaquin valley, interstate 5 closed for a time throughout today due to heavier snow. that starting to break up. if you have family or friends traveling that way, at least the snow is starting to lessen up. looks like the worst is over but those roads remain very slick. back here across the bay area, it is so frigid right now. already widespread 40s up in the north bay, east bay and south bay. right now, near cupertino and also saratoga back into los gatos, temperatures close to the 30s. so no doubt, remember those layers for tonight. in fact, our freeze warning just in case you're tuning in right now is issued here not only for friday morning but also for saturday morning with widespread temperatures in the 20s and 30s. most critical spots, north bay, east bay and south bay. let's take you outside to our live sky camera network tonight. it is clear here in san jose. we're going to having slick spots especially up to the north. that is in the north bay.
6:20 pm
there's our san rafael cam. we'll cut on to that, and it's again going to be a little bit icy here as those temperatures drop. any leftover moisture could produce some black ice. the overall situation hasn't changed too much in the past 24 hours. jet stream is pushing well off to the south. it's going to continue to rotate in all this cold air. tomorrow 8:00 a.m., mid to upper 30s. not going to warm up too much through 11:00 in the morning. by the afternoon hours, upper 40s for daytime highs. here's the good part. at least if it's going to be cold, we'll have plenty of sunshine. sun all around. a little bit generous there. more on the seven-day forecast coming up a little bit later on in the show, you guys. >> it looks brisk. thank you. >> a promise kept in one of san francisco's roughest neighborhoods. a new beginning for a controversial redevelopment plan. also. >> we're hurting, fans too which to me was my biggest concern. >> back on the ice. the hockey season is back on, and it's not clear who's
6:21 pm
happier, the players or the fans. hear from some of the sharks' biggest names coming up.
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it's often called san francisco's forgotten neighborhood. bayview hunter's point, home to some of the bay area's oldest and most rundown public house package. as joe rosato junior shows us, it isn't forgotten anymore. >> there are two faces to the lonely san francisco neighborhood known as hunter's view in the city's bayview district. there's the old face made up of hundreds of dilapidated units of federal housing built just after world war ii where angel zen used to live. >> the house, it has a lot of stuff going on with it like the toilet or something. hunter's view has a new face and that's where she finds herself today. >> this is supposed to be the dining room but i changed it to the living room. >> zen was among the first 25 families to move into the newly
6:24 pm
rebuilt hunter's view project, the new building marks the first phase of 107 new units to open in hunter's view this year. >> even though we're still in west point, it seems like it's totally different. like you walk outside. the front, it's cleaner. it's better, quieter. >> why don't you do that? >> just down the way, alice and her five sons were settling into their new five bedroom home. >> congrats. >> thank you. >> and even though it's just down the road from their own home, she says she feels safer letting her boys play outside. >> they said mom it's going to be safer for us. >> i said yeah, of course it is. they said we like our house. can we keep this forever? i said yeah, forever. >> but san francisco has a long road ahead in trying to revamp the aging and decrepit public housing spread across the city's southeastern neighborhood. it's hoping to raise more dollars to pay for the work. >> we should be able to provide housing whether it's public
6:25 pm
housing or affordable housing that everybody, everybody's mother should be able to live in. >> despite the city's commitment to not displace residents in the process, skepticism remains. >> i an think a lot of the fears are they're trying to get rid of as many people as they can. >> but zen who grew up in hunter's view now has a different view from her window she can see the old projects where she was raised and a sweeping view of the bay that represents her future. joe rosato junior, nbc bay area news. >> spectacular views. >> there are. still to come at 6:00, the actions that prevented more blood shed at a california school. what one teacher did to stop a teenager armed with a shotgun. >> and could it really happen in the scenario scientists say could create an earthquake capable of shaking the entire state. >> the flu virus is hitting the east coast hard. is california next? i'm marianne favro. coming up, i'll show you what doctors are already seeing here in the bay area and what you can do now to protect yourself.
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the flu virus is hitting the east coast with vengeance. more than 100 people have died. doctors say the bay area may be just a few weeks away from seeing the flu in full force here. marianne favro has more on what they're seeing right now. >> janelle, several hospitals here in the area all are already seeing an increase in patients coming into emergency rooms with flu-like symptoms. clinics are seeing more patients, too. doctors say this is the critical time to protect yourself. in boston alone, there are more than 700 cases of flu, a tenfold increase from last year. the mayor declared a public health emergency as patients crammed into hallways of emergency rooms. so far flu in the u.s. has killed more than 100 people this
6:29 pm
season, 18 of them children including this 6-year-old of texas. >> it's come back early and rather fiercely. it's a rather vir ru lent strain and so we're having a moderate to severe flu season. >> this centers for disease control map shows you the problem. the states you see in brown are experiencing widespread flu activity. california is one of the few states reporting only regional activity. but doctors warn that won't last long. >> if we have enough cases and people aren't getting the message to go ahead and get vaccinated now that we're hearing that it's so severe back east, we could end up seeing patients in tents in the parking lot like they're seeing in other cities. >> kaiser hospitals in northern california say they've seen an increase in patients coming into emergency rooms with flu-like symptoms. some doctors are testing patients using a nasal swab to find out in minutes if they have the flu. doctors say frequent happened
6:30 pm
washing is critical but don't rush through it. wash long enough to sing the happy birthday song twice. think that's silly. think about this. >> just remember that the influenza virus is a long-lasting virus on surfaces like door handles, telephones. it will stay alive and active for up to eight hours on surfaces. >> and pediatrician dr. christine says if you haven't gotten a flu shot yet, do it now. it's the best defense to escape a virus spreading fast. so far this season, four people have died from flu in california. all of them under the age of 65. the state public health department says there is plenty of vaccine available. so you don't have to worry about a shortage this year. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. in san francisco now, the man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire now faces formal charges of arson, attempted murder and nine other felonies. 22-year-old dexter oliver faced
6:31 pm
a judge today pleading not guilty to filling bottles with gasoline, dousing his girlfriend and then setting her on fire. 25-year-old starla mar remains in critical condition with burns to her face and upper body. her family tells "the chronicle" that oliver burned her during a fight because he wanted her to help him carry close to a laundromat. he was on probation following three previous convictions relating to domestic violence. >> a south bay family says they want answers about the tragic death of their son in campbell over the holidays. jackson dakota was killed by a hit and run driver on december 23rd. the family says he was struck along the expressway and campbell avenue. so far there are no witnesses to the crash and the family says investigators with the chp are not providing many answers. after our phone call, the chp said it would speak with the family. family members say they were told that the suspect's vehicle might be a white gmc truck with frond end damage.
6:32 pm
>> a science teacher is being called a hero tonight after another school shooting. this time it happened here in california. it happened at taft union high school in kern county. that's about 40 miles south of bakersfield. the sheriff's dep says the 16-year-old student shot a classmate just after 8:30 this morning. a science teacher at that school quickly inner vened and convinced the shooter to put the shotgun down. the suspect was then arrested. the victim is expected to survive. no word yet on the motive, but other students at the school say the shooter was known as a loner. >> this shooting comes as the vice president held a meeting at the white house on gun control. joe biden is heading the task force and met today with the nra and other groups. he plans to send to the president on tuesday president obama a proposal to change u.s. gun laws. it's expected to include a new ban on assault weapons and large capacity magazines as well as a stronger background check system which includes the internet and gun shows. >> diminish the probability
6:33 pm
twhal we've seen in these mass shootings will occur and diminish the probability that our children are at risk in their schools. >> the nra release aid statement after today's meeting saying "we were disappointed with how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the second amendment." this task force spent most of its time on proposed restrictions on lawful firearms owners. >> also today, president obama made it official. current chief of staff jack lew there on the left is now his nominee to be treasury secretary. his duties will include budget and tax policy as well as management of the debt. and the congressional black caucus is supporting oakland congresswoman barbara lee to take over the job as labor secretary. hilda solis announced she was leaving the post on wednesday. the 66-year-old lee has been serving the east bay in congress since 1998. >> in the south bay, student
6:34 pm
activists got high level exposure today when they met with a congressional leader over immigration reform. members of the group student advocates for higher education met with congresswoman zoe lofgren at her san jose office today, the minority chair of the house subcommittee on immigration. when lost gren was asked if meaningful immigration reform will happen this year, she suggested it's up to her republican counterparts. >> do they want to join with democrats and do top to bottom immigration reform or not? i can't make them do that. but if they care about the ture of their party, they'll make a decision to join with democrats and do top to bottom reform. >> we need a comprehensive immigration reform. this year. you know, we can't delay it. we can't just keep hearing we'll do something. we need it now. >> reporter: the students say immigrant students raised in the u.s. miss out on college and other vital opportunities because they don't know what's
6:35 pm
available to them. >> for decades, scientists thought it was impossible but tonight there's new information about the possibility of a megaquake striking from the bay area all the way down to san diego. patrick healey from our sister station knbc has the story. >> it's the longest and most feared fault in the state, the notorious san andreas that will unleash the shaking you've seen depicted in animations for southern california's anticipated big one. it was the culprit in san francisco's great quake of 1906, but what if it's not one or the other? what if one super quake shakes both ends of the state? >> there would be heavy damage in both northern and southern california. so you know, northern california could not come to southern california's aid and vice versa. >> caltech staff seismologist kate hutton says for years that scenario was deeped impossible. thanks to a section in the middle of the san andreas, a so-called creeping zone long thought incapable of transmitting a quake because stresses don't build up there. but that thinking has been
6:36 pm
shaken by two of asia's devastating quakes, taiwan in 1999 and two years ago, japan's magnitude 9.0. >> some of the parts where the rupture was the strongest, the strongest offset were actually places that were thought to be creeping. >> a theory for how this can happen is put forth in the just published study by hutton caltech colleague working with japanese researchers. >> a rupture could just sort of barch right through. now the question is, how does that apply to california? >> we continue to learn so much. that was patrick healey report package. still ahead here at 6:00, doctors say it's at dangerous as drinking and driving. the wake-up call for women taking a popular prescription drug. >> and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri in the bay area "weather center." soft of the coldest temperatures, sonoma. watch out for ice across the hills of the north bay. a frost advisory near the bay with temperatures 32 to 39
6:37 pm
degrees. we'll talk about the freeze warning and who will have 20s tomorrow morning in just a few minutes.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
significant testing on the $8 million bay bridge lights art project is now expected to start tomorrow night at 11:00 p.m. more than 25,000 led bulbs have been attached to the western span.
6:40 pm
crews ran a small test just after 5:00 today to make sure everything is in working order. computer software has been designed to change the lightpath terns. the project was created to celebrate the bay bridge's 75th anniversary. the switch will officially be turned on in march and it will run for two years. >> in health matters, sleeping pills stay in your testimony longer than previously thought. driving simulations and blood tests found the pills can still be active in the morning. the drugs can affect your driving. the fda issue aid new warning. women are particularly affected because they metablize the drugs slower than men in most cases. to ensure less of the drug is present in your blood stream stream in the women, women should take half. patients should talk to their doctors perhaps about lower doses. >> it's a new year and many of you are looking for a new diet. look no further. u.s. news and world reports" says the dash diet is the best for your overall health.
6:41 pm
dash stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension. developed to lower blood pressure, the magazine also ranked the diet as the best for healthy eating and it tied for first in preventing and managing diabetes. the diet is low in fat and sugar and emphasizes fruits, vegetables and lean meat. >> we all have pretty good diets here. >> we try. >> yeah. >> we try. >> me too. >> i don't know. >> it's cold. >> i know. >> this is like a spa treatment today. excuse me. i need water. >> you need chocolate like janelle. >> it was like a spa treatment today. get hit in the face with all that cold air. a live look outside of our san francisco camera. we've got the wind with us. we have windchills. i'll get some water in just a few minutes. >> jeff, i'm jim kozimor. colin kaepernick receiving support from an unlikely source. plus, playoff games so tight in the nfl, they often come down to a made or missed field goal.
6:42 pm
so who will be kicking for the 49ers come saturday? we have the answer next from the xfinity "sportsdesk." has over 50 delicious choices. sizzler'sr soups, salads, appetizers, and more starting at $8.99 for lunch. sizzler. where fresh is fun.
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a critical update to a story being watched worldwide. break in the weather has helped free a pot of killer whales trapped in canada's frozen north. this is youtube video showing
6:44 pm
the pod stuck near quebec. they took turns breathing through a small hole in the ice. finally overnight winds opened a channel to the sea. residents in a small village are now paying someone to track the whales to the open ocean to make sure they're okay. >> that video is incredible. >> crazy. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're talking maybe snow in the bay area. >> we could. we had a little bit earlier this morning. there's only a slight shot coming up in the weekend forecast. as the radar scans around, we have cleared out from some of the rare and unusual low snow that happened this morning. most of that right across the santa cruz mountains. here's one of those pictures that came in from the national weather service at 2400 feet near bonnie do you know, picking up a half inch to an inch at very low levels. even snow just below 2,000 feet reported in the mountains. again, we had some of the low snow this morning and now it's like the after effect. it feels like area stuck in the freezer here, not only for the
6:45 pm
interior valleys and the north bay, east bay and the south bay but also right up against the coastline. 4 in san francisco right now and 47 in san mateo. the ocean temperatures doing nothing there at the coast to moderate us. it's going to be chilly no matter where you go for tonight. our freeze warning will impact a lot of folks for tonight. cover the plants and also take the pets inside. we're looking at the freeze warning for the north bay, east bay and also for the south bay. we're going to have prolonged temperatures below 32 degrees with the north bay being the coldest ranging anywhere from 25 to 29 degrees. now, weathering account chill it seems like common sense information but remember the layers. it actually works to trap the heat next to your body and, of course, when you're traveling make sure to warm up the car. it helps and clear any of that profit off your windows. outside to the sky camera network tonight, you can see we will have clear skies here in san jose. the city lights shining very brightly. and up toward san francisco you're going to notice
6:46 pm
visibility is very excellent tonight. 10 miles and or better. a lot of lights on the bay bridge. a little bit of wind happening at this hour. we have winds 10 to 15 miles per hour providing a little bit of a windchill. if we didn't have that wind at this hour it's helping to stir up the atmosphere, we would have plenty of mid 30s. so the wind keeping it a little bit warmer. jet stream pushing well to the south. that's allowing all of this cold polar air to sit across the bay area. it's going to stay locked here maybe for the next three days in the forecast and it's going to do this to our temperatures. if you thought it was cold this morning, we're going to go to the 20s. 26 in petaluma. livermore 27. san jose near the freezing mark and even san francisco near record-setting lows with an anticipated 37. also cold in redwood city with 33. 32 in los gatos. 34 in santa cruz with some of the chilliest once again up into the north bay. as far as friday goes, the good news. while we get you all this chill,
6:47 pm
a lot of sunshine from the north bay down to the south bay. temperatures in the upper 40s to low and mid 50s. at least we don't have major cloud cover to deal with tomorrow. you can just stand out in the sun to feel warmer. as we head throughout saturday, stays dry. by sunday a stray chance of a shower. temperatures will be cold enough in the morning hours that we may actually see a little bit more low snow. we're going to have to watch it though because the forecast models continue to bring the showers in. they be they bring it out and back in. it's going to be one to watch sunday morning. we'll play the game in the 5:00 p.m. show. how low will the snow level go? >> i now revise my answer. 1400, that's my guess. >> we'll see. we're going to have to wait. >> i like the game though into it would be fun. if we could win money, it would really be fun. >> you would win the money. >> thanks, jeff. >> guess who, the san jose sharks are about to be back in business. the lockout as you probably know is settled. but the team training camps won't officially open for a few
6:48 pm
days. >> as lorn scott found out, the players can't wait, they're already on the ice not only practicing but hoping to lure the fans back. >> it seems like old times at shark's ice in san jose. fan favorites on the rink for a morning skate with the nhl lockout near an official end pending a final vote by the players to accept a deal with the owners the sharks are now thinking about playing hockey, not the business of hockey. >> you have a bond with these guys and to be away from them for so long you're not sure when you're going to see them next is tough. it's a good feeling to be back. >> we're hurting, fans too, which to me was my biggest concern. where the game is going to be whenever it got settled. hopefully they'll forgive and come back to us and then we'll get through this thing. >> the players were welcomed back to sharks ice for self-directed practice and just like todd mclellan who observed from the balcony, the sharks faithful are glad to see the team, as well. >> one of my biggest sources of entertainment. i go to as many games as possible. so it's absolute joy for me to
6:49 pm
be back. >> a lot of people are saying they're going to boycott. you know what? that's their loss. people who got rid of their stuff, that's their loss. i still bought stuff but i bought it from the shark tank. that way the money stayed with the organization. >> even the littlest sharks fans are finding joy in the return of hockey. long overdue, but better than the alternative. >> i know the fans in san jose will be back, but we still owe them four months that they missed this game. we missed it but they probably missed it the most. >> the i'm going around town and talking to fans, they're excite today have it back. just as much as we are. >> with the sharks in san jose is, i'm lawrence scott. >> let's bring in jim kozimor from our news studio from the sharks. we're going to talking about rayer with singh, is he still kicking? >> i think you're right. it could be that or joe nedney. you never know. let's talk a little 49ers
6:50 pm
football. we're just two days away from the 49ers and packers squaring off in the playoffs in candlestick park. the day began with a major question unanswered. who would kick on saturday for the 49ers? after signing billy cundiff new year's day, we have an answer. today jim harbaugh announcing he's sticking with david akers this saturday against the pac. not only has the kicking game been concerning but colin kaepernick will be starting his first playoff game. mindy provide the scoop on both topics from santa layer clara. >> this time last seasonal lex smith was preparing himself for his first playoff start. this season he's helping to prepare his replacement for his first start. alex smith spoke about the improvements he's seen in colin kaepernick. >> sliding to his left. touchdown 49ers. >> for me is how was he's processed it as a young player.
6:51 pm
as young quarterbacks, no matter how good they are physically, usually they're behind going out there mentally processing things, making quick decisions and colin's done a great job of preparing himself throughout the week and playing fast on game day with his head. >> the supportive words come in the face of a difficult mid-season quarterback change. smith completed 25 of his last 27 pass attempts with four touchdowns and no interceptions. before a concussion forced him out of the rams game. backup colin kaepernick came in and after one start in a blowout win over chicago, jim harbaugh made the switch. smith has seen a change in keep nick that bodes well for the playoffs. >> more confident for sure. i think i see in him more confident in what he's doing and especially in the times when there's some gray, some indecision, more confidence making a decision and going with it. that just comes through experience. >> when it came to which kicker to use in the divisional playoff game, harbaugh decided to stay
6:52 pm
with the experience he's had with david ache perpds acres will kick against the packers on saturday over recently signed billy cundiff. >> responded like a football player does. competed and not really more to say about it. suffice it to say we feel confident in david giving us the best chance to win. >> he said that billy cundiff will remain on the 49ers roster and it's unlikely he will be active for saturday's game against the packers with akers. that was something harbaugh did say was a possibility. mindy bach, nbc bay area. >> thanks very much. this may not seem like 49 news but it is. the jacksonville jaguars fired head coach mike mularkey after one season just two days after they hired new general manager david caldwell. caldwell played in college with greg roman.
6:53 pm
there are numerous reports saying roman will be a top candidate in jacksonville to replace mularkey once the 49ers playoff run is over. one final note will go to college football. 13 football schedule released today. stanford, they get oregon at home november 7th. they host notre dame november 30th. and the big game going down november 23rd. that's a look at sports for now. raj and the gambler. going to go to the gambler on this one. >> absolutely. >> who do you like on saturday? the gambler. >> niners, of course. >> okay. that sounds good. i agree with you on that one. do you give the points? >> oh, my gosh. i think it's going to be like by 14 the niners are going to win. >> oh, my. >> raj is going to talk to you after the show. he and i want to place a bet with that. >> we need to discuss that. >> over or under? >> for a full half hour of local -- >> it's over. >> for a full half hour of local sports coverage if we can get
6:54 pm
through this, watch comcast "sportsnet central" tonight at 10:30. >> back in a moment.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
a president and a ship wreck were the big winners at the academy award nominations today. >> actor seth mcfarlane and emma stone announced the nom he's. "lincoln" was the clear winner with 12 nominations while life ofpy" came away with 11. rounding out the list for best picture, "beasts of the southern wild," "zero dark thirty," "amour," "lincoln," "life of pi." the zpler lining playbook, jiang go unchained and ar goh go".
6:57 pm
>> for the complete list of nominees go to and search the key word oskar. before the cos cars, if you're in the movies and showbiz you know all about this, golden globes right here on nbc bay area sunday night. you can experience the show in a whole new way. download the ap called zbox and use it to interact with other fans while you watch. a cool way to watch the golden globes which is what, the precursor to the oscars kind of thing. >> a lot of those movies are still in theaters so you can catch up. >> a good excuse to eat a lot of popcorn, right? sit down the whole day. as you head throughout tomorrow, it's going to be 20s and low 30s. freeze warning in effect. sunny skies and a slight chance of shower for sunday. bundle up. >> i will. >> have a great evening. thanks for watching. >> good night. ♪
6:58 pm
secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
6:59 pm
>> now on "extra" -- >> "extra, extra!" >> duck for cover. >> i'm so ready for this. >> are the oscars ready for seth macfarlane? >> congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to harvey weinstein. >> slamming hollywood in a daring warm-up act today. is anybody safe oscar night? >> i'm here with the new oscar host, seth macfarlane. >> this is a family show, "extra". >> meanest "family guy" jabs. and as bradley, denzel, hah and asian get the nod, who was shut out? britney's exit factor. why she really quit. >> have you talked to britney? >> new pic, beyonce's sexiest shoot ever, stripped down in "g.q.," what she just revealed about her super bowl surprise. taylor swift white-hot and getting kanye'd again. >> always happens. >> the hot gossip from the people's choice awards. >> i love the people.

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